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If you’re someone who is actively involved in sports, functional rehabilitation is a type of physical therapy that you must have surely heard about. Also, know as functional training, this therapy aims at enhancing the force-producing capacity of a muscle or set of muscles. The process involves coordinating the relationship between the muscular and nervous systems to improve body functions.

At Botti Chiropractic & Wellness, we see many athletes coming in for functional rehabilitation, which is a process of controlling movements in the affected area with an aim to improve strength, coordination, and conditioning. The goal of this specialized therapy is to improve the performance and normalize the movements so an individual’s day to day life is not hindered.

Benefits of Functional Rehabilitation Therapy

  • Improve Flexibility: When you are an athlete, flexibility is incredibly important. Functional rehabilitation combines a couple of stretches and other exercises that will not only strengthen your muscles but also train them to be more flexible. Improved flexibility means fewer injuries and minimal pain.
  • Better Posture and Balance: As an athlete, having the correct posture and balance can have a great impact on your performance. Functional rehabilitation will guide you through some simple exercises and lifestyle changes that will help you attain a better posture and balance. In the event that you are not an athlete, a better posture is a sign of a healthy mind and a fit body.
  • Enhanced Endurance & Stamina: Physical therapy recommended to a patient during a functional rehabilitation helps in improving stamina for cardiovascular activity. It improves the body’s endurance towards high-intensity activities and workouts. With that being said, it strengthens the cardiovascular muscles and thereby improves heart function.
  • Helps Manage Joint Pain: Overuse and old-age are two reasons behind continuous joint aches, which can often pull the plug and throw you off the track. With functional training, you can easily manage joint pains and strengthen them in the process. It can be an ideal way to alleviate pain or any signs of weak joints. Also, in the long run, functional rehabilitation can help keep problems like arthritis and osteoporosis away.
  • Improves Muscle Memory: A very important benefit of functional rehabilitation is that helps strengthen and improve muscle memory. The more exercise, the faster and more responsive your body can repeat those movements in the future. So, while you are using this form of physical therapy, you not just train your muscles but also your mind.

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With these five benefits, functional rehabilitation is emerging as one of the best physical therapies that are used in Chiropractic therapy. If you are looking for professional guidance when it comes to functional training and physical therapy, Dr. Botti is here to help you. At the Botti Chiropractic & Wellness in Oak Lawn, he’s offering a wide range of treatments that can help cure even the most chronic and long-term conditions. For more details, schedule an appointment today!