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5 Benefits of Postural Rehabilitation

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Our mothers have scolded us for having a bad posture as children. But guess what? She was absolutely right!

So, before we move forward to the many benefits of good posture, or of Postural Restoration and restoration and how Dr. Valentino Botti can help, do you know what posture really is – or how important it is?

Posture, in simple terms, is the alignment and positioning of the body, with respect to the gravity. Irrespective of if we are sleeping, walking, standing or sitting, gravity exerts force on our joints and muscles. A good posture is the one where the force of gravity is distributed well so that no one structure is overstressed. At the core, having good posture is essential for one’s well-being – and here are just a few of the many different benefits!

Benefits of Good Posture

  • Helps Lower Joint Pain

Since the human body is not symmetrical, in many instances, one part of the body is used more than the other. Due to this, it actually impacts joints in the body, causing them to wear quicker. Certain muscles and joints, like hip flexors, become worn out, and it is only by activating other muscles that we can help decrease the stress on susceptible joints.

  • Improves Breathing

A great posture begins at the center of the body: the breath!

The diaphragm is an incredibly important muscle and is responsible for respiration/breathing. When an individual is unable to breathe properly, they lack endurance, stamina, and the way they handle stress is compromised.

Good body posture promotes a better breathing environment for your lungs, unlike when you are slouched and compress them. So, with the right posture and training, we can improve the breathing in our body, which can significantly improve our overall well-being. 

  • Decrease Lower Back Pain

Adults commonly complain of back pain. Inactivity, degenerative joint problems, and poor posture are a few main causes of lower back pain. Therefore, to reduce lower back pain, it is essential to maintain a proper posture.

  • Dramatically Improves the Way You Feel

Good body posture sends positive signals to the mind, which, as a result, causes individuals to feel happier and confident. There is a reason why they say people with good posture are often more confident and happy – it’s because of it’s effects on the mind – not just the body. Also, your body posture greatly affects the way people perceive you; a good posture sends a more confident and an assertive vibe – something that many bosses look for when hiring new employees. 

  • Prevents Arthritis

Poor posture places unnatural pressure on your joints, causing wear and tear, further leading to arthritis. Good posture, on the other hand, allows joints to function at their best and eliminates chances of arthritis.

  • Helps Reduce Neck Pain and Headaches

The brain is different, both physically and neurologically, on two sides. The tendency of being right-handed rotates the skull to the left, which in turn contributes to cranial strains. This leads to neck pains, headaches, and several other cognitive problems.

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