Chiropractic Techniques & Services

Chiropractic spinal manipulation:

Spinal manipulation to restore mobility to joints restricted by tissue injury, chronic postural deficits, muscle imbalances, or trauma produces a neurological response which effectively increases range of motion, inhibits pain, and creates a 230_iStock_000020109655Mediumhealthy environment for fixing the initial cause of the pain in the first place.

Massage Therapy:

Muscle and joint paint is almost always accompanied by muscle Hypertonicity, spasm, overactivity, and general muscle dysfunction. Targeting of specific muscles with focused pressure along the lines of the muscle fibers to break down adhesions and reduce the muscle to its origin state is essential before any rehabilitation is initiated.

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Active Release Technique:

The idea behind Neuromuscular Reeducationism is that if you can locate the adhesion and scarred area, you can take the muscle through a functional range of motion while using manual deep pressure to break up the adhesion and restore full range of motion. This in turn allows the body to regain its normal movement pattern, thus decreasing pain and improving function.

Kinesio TapeKinesio taping:

Taping technique used to facilitate and inhibit the firing of specific muscles, aid in the reduction of inflammation, and accelerate the healing process of many musculoskeletal problems.


Dr. Botti utilizes the biomedical approach to acupuncture, in which the insertion of fine, painless needless in the body produces a specific immune response which can effectively reduce pain & dysfunction throughout the body. Acupuncture can be used to effectively treat migraines, neck and back pain, sinus problems, and many more conditions.

Cold Laser Therapy:

There is a great deal of efficacy in using cold lasers.  Dermatologists initially started using this therapy as a means for reducing fine lines and wrinkles associated with aging due to its collagen stimulating properties.  However, a great deal of research shows that there are musculoskeletal benefits including reducing nerve irritability, increases blood flow and capillary formation, and decreasing pain.


A method of reintroducing proper motion into the low back through manual traction and a pivoting table. Works extremely well for treating disc and facet related low back problems.

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Therapeutic Ultrasound:ultrasound-therapy

Not to be confused with diagnostic ultrasound performed during pregnancy, Therapeutic ultrasound is a method of reducing pain, inflammation, and improving healing outocomes by passing high intensity vibratory sound waves through the skin into the affected tissue.


Health and disease prevention are largely the result of healthy living, but the healthcare system does not focus on lifestyle changes or the underlying causes of disease. Functional medicine physicians teach their patients to make lifestyle changes that are essential to their future well being. The physician will identify and heal underlying clinical imbalances of chronic disease, creating momentum towards health.

Clinical nutrition:

All pharmaceutical drugs were developed by taking something found in nature and multiplying its effects hundreds or thousands of times. The problem with this is that our bodies were not meant to handle these complex drugs and hence, we have side effects. Clinical nutrition attempts to solve the same problems and disease as medicine, through supplementation, science, and nutritional recommendations.

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