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Do You Have Back Pain at Work?

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Back pain can stop you in your tracks at work. If you are struggling with back pain, whether from sports injuries, car accidents, or improper lifting, you know it can be debilitating. So, if you have back pain in Oak Lawn, going to a chiropractor is your best bet. While there are plenty of chiropractors in Oak Lawn, the only 5-star office and doctor is Dr. Botti at Botti Chiropractic and Wellness. Known as the best chiropractor Oak Lawn has to offer, Dr. Botti will get you the back pain treatments that you need the most.

Isn’t it time you told your back pain goodbye for good and found an Oak Lawn chiropractic office?

Impacting Your Daily Life


If the back pain you are having at work is keeping you from doing your best, it is time for you to find an Oak Lawn chiropractic office. We firmly believe that if some sort-of pain is impacting your ability to perform daily activities, like work, it’s essential to seek a trained professional. You are not meant to work, garden, or clean your home and feel pain or discomfort. At Botti Chiropractic and Wellness, Dr. Botti will perform a comprehensive exam and develop a custom treatment plan, helping to alleviate the pain once and for all.

What Causes Back Pain?


Generally, there is an assortment of different causes of back pain. It could do with your posture, whether you sit at work or not, over lifting, or even the discs in your body can cause your back pain. If they are herniated, this can cause your back to start working overtime. This is when you may start to feel severe back pain. When you are at your desk or reading in bed, if your back starts to hurt because of the position you are in, this is a sure sign that you need to see a chiropractor for help.

At the core, we can break down back pain into two different categories: acute and chronic. Depending on the severity, the pain can last for weeks or even months at a time, so there is no need for you to suffer from it. It’s also important to note that, back pain that lasts this long could actually be a sign of a different type of health condition. This is why it is incredibly important that you see a chiropractor – just to make sure that it’s nothing bigger or larger.

Medicine is Not Always Needed


For many Oak Lawn patients, they find comfort and peace by taking different pain medications for back pain. While this may alleviate the pain, it’s important to know that this is temporary. Pain medications are not solving the problem or removing the pain – it’s a temporary solution. Dr. Botti will share more information about pain medications during your evaluation and consultation and how chiropractic care can help reduce or even eliminate dependencies on medications.

Since chiropractic care strives to promote and encourage the human body’s natural healing processes, many patients never seek regular pain medication once they begin a regular chiropractic routine. So, if you are working and suffering from back pain before you think of taking more medications, why not consider visiting Dr. Botti and seeing how he could help? Some of the most effective treatments include traditional massage therapy and even myofascial release therapy.

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