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Neck pain

Neck pain is a common ailment that most of us suffer through at some point in our lives. This problem can limit your productivity and negatively affect your general sense of well-being. In the Lincoln Park area of Chicago, Botti Chiropractic & Wellness center is well known in the community as the “go to” experts for diagnosing the root cause of your neck pain and designing the right treatment program that is specific to your condition. We use the most effective techniques and the most modern equipment in our practice to give you the best chance at success.

Back pain

Most of our back pain is focused around the lower lumbar region of the back. This area is subjected to constant pressure and stress from the weight of our upper body.For lower back pain

Poor posture, bad sleeping habits and lack of exercise contribute significantly to the problem. These issues lead to a decrease in your productivity, focus and concentration. Dr. Botti and his team will help devise a treatment program that will greatly improve your condition. Successfully treating your lower back pain will enable you to lead a more active lifestyle, which has been proven to have a positive effect on your overall wellness.

Headache pain

The stress of everyday life, poor sleeping habits and a lack of physical exercise are leading causes of headaches. By taking “over the counter” pain medication, you are only treating the symptom but are not addressing the underlying cause of the pain. If your condition deteriorates to the point that it becomes chronic, it will affect nearly every segment of your life. At Botti Chiropractic & Wellness Center we take your pain seriously. We provide therapeutic options that specifically target the cause of your headache pain and provide you relief so you can return to an active and productive lifestyle.

Shoulder pain

The shoulder joint has a wide range of motion and is often subjected to high levels of stress. When you injure your shoulder, it hampers your ability to do much of your daily activities and can have a negative impact on your job performance. In the Lincoln Park area of Chicago, the occurrence of severe shoulder pain typically increases in the winter months due to injury from shoveling snow. An appointment with Chiropractic Specialist Dr. Valentino Botti is the key to properly diagnosing the source of your shoulder pain so that a proper treatment program can be created that is suitable for your condition.

Knee Pain

The knee joint undergoes immense stress that is compounded by the activities that we do. When we practice high impact sports such as running, our bodies are exposed to incredible levels of repetitive stress, especially in the knee joint. Our knees contain cartilage, ligaments, muscle and bone that are highly susceptible to injury. To properly diagnose your knee pain it is necessary to consult with a specialist. In the Lincoln Park area of Chicago, Dr. Valentino Botti along with his team at the Botti Chiropractic & Wellness Center will diagnose the cause of your knee pain and recommend the most appropriate treatment plan to help stimulate your recovery.

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