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It is known that chiropractic treatment focuses on adjustment of the spine and thus helps get rid of many common pains and aches such as back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, headache, and migraine. These are the obvious benefits of chiropractic treatment, among others such as improvement in one’s posture and range of motion. But there also some lesser-known and not-so-obvious benefits that one can get from regular chiropractic care. According to Dr. Valentino Botti, one of the most renowned Oak Lawn chiropractors, regular chiropractic adjustments can have far-reaching benefits. In this article, we hope to inform you about some of the lesser-known benefits of chiropractic care.

  • Neurological Conditions

Chiropractic adjustment has been found to be extremely effective at treating a number of conditions related to the nervous system. Upper cervical adjustments have been shown to affect various brain-based conditions. MRI scans reveal a marked increase in the cerebral spinal fluid and blood flow after a chiropractic adjustment. Additionally, a reversal of cerebellar invagination (when the cerebellum drops down below the skull line) is also observed, as well as the disappearance of brain plaquing (common in multiple sclerosis patients). There is explicit evidence further suggesting that the use of chiropractic treatment can help correct vertebral subluxation, which contributes to epilepsy and seizures.

  • Surgery Prevention

A number of natural health care providers have long advocated chiropractic treatments as a natural method to prevent back surgery. As a matter of fact, in the recently published low back pain guidelines of the Journal of the American Medical Association, it has been suggested that people suffering from back pain first try chiropractic care before resorting to surgery.

  • Improved digestive health

Although direct evidence suggesting that chiropractic care is the best treatment for specific digestive disorders doesn’t exist, there are clear indications that it can help indirectly increase overall digestive health. Poor posture has always been known to inhibit digestion. Since chiropractic care helps develop optimal posture, it can aid the digestive system in acquiring the blood flow it needs.

  • Lowering of blood pressure

Though there is a lack of studies on the subject, chiropractic care may be able to lower high blood pressure. Since the results are known to vary you may try chiropractic care to see if spinal adjustments help your blood pressure; if they do, it might be time to stop taking medications for this condition.

  • Keeping colds and flu away

Chiropractic care can have immune-boosting properties, thanks to the treatment known as chiropractic adjustment that is proven to improve nervous system health, thereby letting the immune system function well. This wards off common colds and flu.

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With such great benefits associated with chiropractic care, it can be considered nothing short of a boon. If you are seeking a seasoned chiropractor in Oak Lawn, IL, make sure you contact Dr. Valentino Botti of Botti Chiropractic & Wellness so that you can reap full benefits of expert chiropractic care.