Chiropractic Care for Back Pain

The Latest Remedies and Pieces of Advice on Back Pain

Going through different types of back pain can be quite debilitating. While they may be caused by manual labor or hectic lifestyles, it would be necessary to address them with the most applicable treatments and medications. Your back pain would always be best examined, diagnosed and treated by a medical expert. Hence it’s important to keep in touch with a Chiropractor to specifically handle your condition. One of the most inconvenient back pains you’ll experience would be due to yard work related strains. It would be necessary to carry out some stretches and pace yourself throughout the endeavor.

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If you are relatively fit and work out regularly, working in the yard is just one of those facts of life that tend to aggravate any weak spot you already have in your spine. Unlike working out at the gym, the forces on your body in the yard are less predictable ( how much force will it take to pull that tree root out? Lots and then none as you careen backwards). The tasks involve unexpected resistance ( we have all been digging holes and hit rocks sending reverberations all the way up our skeletons). Yard projects also tend to last longer than workouts and I know that I try just to rush through them without taking breaks to stretch.

Odds are, you have already tweaked yourself and are experiencing your own back pain from yard work or you wouldn’t be reading this so call our office and schedule an appointment. Also, please start icing and don’t dare put heat on it.

To prevent future back pain from yard work, here are some tips I have learned over the years. First, if you have a big project like a great big truck of wood chips that you want to install, commit to doing it for an hour and then taking a break. I also am impatient and when I decide to do something I want it done yesterday. That personality has not served me well over the years when it comes to yard work. One hour, then take a break and kick your feet up, stretch a little, drink a lemonade and see how you feel before you go back to hour number two. Do this every hour. Six hours of doing repetitious activities that your body isn’t used to will hurt anyone.

Also, please identify your weak spots of your body and stretch them after you do your yard work. I am not suggesting a 45 minute stretch session, but 3-4 stretches on the parts that you already know will bother you the most. Don’t have a weak link on that body of yours? Yeah right, we all have one. If you really think that, you aren’t paying enough attention to your tight muscles. Those are my people who really get hurt when they hurt themselves because they don’t pay attention to the warning signs of an oncoming injury.


If you’ve already been experiencing back pains due to household chores such as backyard work, you will need to observe the persistence of your inconveniences. The pains may be activity related or may even be a sign of aging. Either way, you will need to identify the root cause of your pain so it may be accordingly be addressed and treated.

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Low back pain is a common condition that will occur to most people throughout their lifetime. In fact, studies show that the average individual is at an 80% risk of experiencing back pain between the ages of 45 to 65 – sometimes even as young as 30.

Also known as mechanical back pain, this condition is primarily a sign of aging, when the structure of the spine begins degenerating and becomes more prone to injury from simple actions such as bending or lifting heavy objects. Other causes include:

  • Excessive strain – Whether you are shoveling snow or participating in your favorite sport, excessive strain can lead to an overstretching and suback-pain-reliefbsequent injury of the muscles and ligaments in your lower back.
  • Scoliosis – An abnormal curve of the spine that can stem from poor posture in your teenage years as well as from arthritis that often begins in your late 40’s. This spinal abnormality can cause pain even during normal daily activities.
  • Sciatica, i.e., herniated disk – When one of the disks that make up your spine is severely worn or damaged, it bulges out towards the spinal cord and can cause severe pain. This can be caused by any strenuous activity that involves lifting, bending, or pulling motions.
  • Osteoarthritis, i.e., disk degeneration – As you age, the disks that separate your spinal joints may wear away or disintegrate entirely, leading the joints to rub against one another. This can lead to severe pain and potential complications.

While adequate rest or a complete avoidance of strenuous activity is the recommended remedy for minor cases of low back pain, more serious cases will often require care from an orthopedic physician in the form of physical therapy. The main purpose of physical therapy is to restore the natural functionality of the spine, primarily through hand-on therapy from a licensed expert combined with specialized back exercises that target your distinct needs.


Aside from pacing yourself throughout your chores and considering medical attention to ease your back pain, it would also be helpful to consider medication. It’s practical to check which ones would be truly effective to address your condition.

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  • They performed this study because acetaminophen prescription is “the most common approach to treatmentused by general practitioners for spinal pain and osteoarthritis”
  • This is a meta-analysis, which means the researches looked at select group of studies that had already been performed and compared the results.
  • The studies were chosen so they could understand the medication’s effects on pain and quality of life, as well as potential side effects. There were 12 studies used based on their criteria, including over 5300 patients
  • Their conclusions:
    • Patients taking acetaminophen had little to no relief of pain or increase in quality of life for these two conditions.
    • Patient’s had higher risk of liver dysfunction/damage from the use of medication. The article states that patients using tylenol to manage these conditions “are nearly four times more likely to have abnormal results on liver function tests.”

What this means for you:

  • Acetaminophen toxicity is the real deal, and accounts for “one-half of all cases of acute liver failure in the United States and Great Britain today.”
  • It’s time to re-examine whether use of acetaminophen should be the first line of defense used by doctors for back pain and arthritis.


These back pain treatments and tips should further help you become more aware or informed of how to care for your body. Strains due to various reasons must not be disregarded since they’re a manifestation of how your well-being may be compromised due to specific activities. If you’ve been frequently experiencing back pains, it would also be helpful to have a Chiropractor or a medical expert on stand-by. Botti Chiropractic and Wellness is one of Chicago’s sought-after rehabilitation centers which specialize in treating the spine. Their services and techniques are wide-ranged, which means they can be reliable for patients to call on whenever any related condition or accident takes place.