When choosing a chiropractor, not to mention a Frankfort Illinois chiropractor, one should always consider many things. In addition to choosing somebody that has a good reputation there are other variables that may play into making a good decision. Are you looking for relief care or are you looking for resolution of an issue?


If one is looking for a resolution of a condition, one would most likely want to look for somebody who advertises themselves as treating a variety of Chronic conditions, from spinal stenosis, disc hernation, neuropathy, trigeminal neuralgia, migraine headache, ect ect.  Botti Chiropractic & Wellness specializes in the treatment and resolution of chronic musculoskeletal conditions specifically.  However some patients may be looking for more relief care and that is OK. In this case if you would look for more traditional chiropractic care which is highly focused on manipulation.  However if you suspect that there may be more to the issue, specifically underlying postural issues, a history of aggravations, hereditary issues, etc. It may be a good idea to find someone who specializes and is able to diagnose these conditions in addition to somebody who is willing to spend the required time that it would take to truly fix these conditions.


Additionally there are a variety of clinics out there that focus on other services besides musculoskeletal issues. Many clinics focus on weight loss, programs that deal with cosmetics, massage, and other things that while not directly related to the chiropractic field are often intertwined.


Massage therapy can be often utilized at chiropractic clinics however one must be careful because proper diagnosis of a condition and proper resolution of a condition may require much more intentional means of treatment.  Massage therapy can provide general relaxation of musculature however when we are treating a chronic condition, more direct and intentitional methods may be necessary for improvement of one’s condition and not just management of symptoms. At Botti Chiropractic & Wellness we are very specific on what we treat and how we treat it and try to avoid the delegation of tasks that are vital in the improvement of our patient base, which is why we have very quick and effective results in our Frankfort chiropractor patient base.


Many chiropractic clinics focus on a maintenance care type of practice which involves patients coming in routinely, for example once a month for treatment regardless of how they’re feeling. Botti Chiropractic & Wellness however focuses more on treatment plan based care which involves resolution of one’s condition.  In general maintenance care is not a part of our practice although we do encourage patients to return if they have an aggravation of their condition. Quality care should provide substantial periods of pain-free living. Is not unusual for our patients to see us infrequently after being released from care.


Botti Chiropractic & Wellness, a Frankfort IL chiropractor, is proud to serve patients from all over the state from Chicago, Orland Park, Tinley Park, Mokena, New Lenox, Monee, Manhattan and more.