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Ready To Say Goodbye To Neck Pain?

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Neck pain is a common ailment that many suffer from. It is mostly caused by tense muscles, which are a consequence of postural irregularities such as sleeping in an awkward position, working for long hours on the computer without moving, etc. Most often, it is not of the kind of pain that calls for medical attention and goes away on its own in a matter of days. 

However, if the symptoms persist for an extended period of time (three months or longer), it is considered to be chronic neck pain. If the pain becomes chronic, psychological stress is frequently a factor.

Causes of neck pain

  1. Weak and overused neck muscles – This involves sitting in awkward positions for long periods of time which may cause pain and stiffness in the neck or shoulder areas. Muscle problems in the neck area can also be caused by activities involving tilting your head back against your neck.
  2. Wear and tear of the cervical spine – As one ages, various signs of wear and tear surface in the spine. Such signs include spinal discs becoming flat, small bone growths (known as spurs) forming along the edges of the vertebral bodies, etc. Such changes make it harder to move the neck.
  3. Whiplash – If somebody drives into the back of your car in a car accident, the injury that you experience is known as whiplash. Such a collision causes the head to rapidly jerk forwards and then back again which causes injuries in the muscle and connective tissue.
  4. Slipped disk or narrowing of the vertebral canal – Neck pain may occur if the vertebral canal is too narrow or if spinal disk tissue bulges or leaks out and puts pressure on a nerve root.
  5. Miscellaneous causes – Conditions such as inflammatory conditions of the spine, jaw joint problems or severe headaches also cause neck pain.


A thorough diagnosis of neck pain begins with your doctor asking you several pertinent questions. He or she may ask you whether you’ve been in an accident, where exactly it hurts, and whether you have mental stress of any sort that might be playing a role in your neck pain. Next, physical examination may be performed so that the possibility of any serious causes may be ruled out. Physical examination may include feeling your neck with their hands, checking how well you can move your head, as well as checking your reflexes and muscle strength in your arms and shoulders. If signs of serious disease are found, an x-ray or an MRI scan or a CT scan may be ordered.


Nothing can be said for sure regarding the effectiveness of most of the treatment methods for non-specific neck pain as there isn’t enough research conducted. Application of heat using a hot water bottle or cushion is one of the solutions for mitigating pain. Other treatments include massage, ingesting painkillers, and doing stretching and strengthening exercises.

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Neck pain is common but tracing its exact cause is difficult, and many traditional treatment methods fail to work effectively. This calls for switching over to non-conventional treatment options. Chiropractic treatments are one such option that ought to be given a try. Dr. Valentino Botti is the best Oak Lawn chiropractor from Botti Chiropractic & Wellness. Request for an appointment with him in order to treat your neck pain using chiropractic care.