Knee Pain, No Gain

Reminiscing of our past glory on the baseball diamond floods us with fond memories of the carefree days of our youth. There is however that one thing that is a constant, nagging reminder of the day we twisted our knee running the bases. We walked off the pain, “toughed it out”, but our knee never seemed quite right since that day. So when our pain flares up, we reach for our anti-inflammatory medication in hopes that the pain will fade away. Instinctively we know this is the wrong approach, but it happened so long ago that we have accepted that this is how we should treat it. We do however wonder if there is anything we can do to reduce the frequency and severity of our pain?

Make the wise decision and consult a professional

Knee pain is a common ailment that affects a large section of the population. It can develop because of everyday wear and tear, as a direct result from a sports injury, or from repetitive lifting of heavy objects. The knee is the largest joint in the body connecting the upper and lower leg bones by way of tendons, ligaments and muscle. The bones of the knee joint are covered by cartilage which acts as a shock absorber and allows the smooth movement of the joint. The most common symptoms of knee injury include pain, swelling and stiffness. At the Botti Chiropractic & Wellness Center in Lincoln Park Chicago, we use the most effective diagnostic techniques to determine the root cause of your knee pain so we can begin the right therapy for your condition.

There is relief for your persistent knee pain

The knee joint is responsible for your mobility and because of the fact that the entire weight of your body is supported by your knees, it is very important that you take the necessary steps to correct any problems. Even though the injury to your knee may have occurred many years ago, it is still possible to successfully treat your condition. Dr. Botti along with his team at the Botti Chiropractic & Wellness Center, use massage therapy, stretching and strengthening techniques, as well as specialized orthotics to treat your injury. Our well designed treatment program will help bring relief from the intensity of your knee pain as well as diminish the chances of it reoccurring.

Here are some recommendations to help you avoid risking further damage to your knee

  •        Participate in low impact activities such as swimming
  •        Improve your nutrition and reduce your body weight if this is an issue
  •        Gently warm up and stretch the legs and knees before any physical activity
  •        Wear comfortable shoes that promote the proper alignment of your knee joint

If you live or work in the Lincoln Park area of Chicago, drop in at the Botti Chiropractic & Wellness Center to schedule an appointment, or contact us today so you can begin your road to recovery.

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