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Ready To Say Goodbye To Migraines?

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Of all the kinds of pain that human bodies may experience, headache is the most common. Almost all of us have had the experience of suffering from headache at least once in our lives. For many of us, headaches are chronic, which brings it under the category of migraine headaches. In medical terminology, migraine is a chronic neurological disorder characterized by recurring headaches whose intensity may vary from moderate to severe. Migraines usually occur in only one side of the head. It may be accompanied by other autonomic nervous system symptoms such as nausea, sensitivity to light and sound, and vomiting.

Causes of Migraine

According to Dr. Valentino Botti of Botti Chiropractic & Wellness, subluxation or spinal misalignment of the upper cervical spine is one of the most common causes of migraine headaches. Other causes include a brain tumor or cyst, or unrelieved muscular contractions in the head, neck, and shoulders, often from pent-up stress.

How can chiropractic care help in migraine?

It is well-known that there are a wide variety of over-the-counter and prescription medications for relief from migraine pain. However, what remains obscure or rather less-known is that such medications generally do very little to address the underlying cause of the problem. What is more worrying is the fact that if such compounds are used often, for an extended period of time or in combination with other medicines, they can have unwanted side-effects. Thus, it seems the most prudent step is to explore an all-natural treatment such as chiropractic care, which has been found to be quite effective for preventing or reducing the frequency and severity of migraine headaches.

To address the root cause of migraine, skilled chiropractors make use of manipulation or chiropractic adjustment of the spine and neck. In this regard, Dr. Botti explains that chiropractic spinal adjustments made to the upper cervical spine vertebras–C1 and C2–work in a twofold manner. First, they provide immediate relief from headache and secondly, when performed on the patient for a period of time, they realign the joints, which corrects the causes of the symptoms. This improves the alignment of the spine and relieves muscle tension. It also reduces nerve irritation, besides improving vascular flow. As part of a well-rounded treatment plan, some chiropractors may also include massage therapy.

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It is an established fact that natural treatments such as chiropractic care are competent enough to not just address the root cause of a condition, illness, or disorder but can have other long-term health benefits too. The same holds true in the case of migraine. Seeking out the best chiropractic care can help one completely get rid of migraines. One of the best Oak Lawn chiropractors for comprehensive treatment of migraines is Dr. Valentino Botti of Botti Chiropractic & Wellness. Contact Botti Chiropractic & Wellness to make an appointment today.