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Suffering from Ankle Pain?

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An ankle sprain is quite often the result of wear and tear, or injury and overuse of the ankle. Ankle pain is one of the consequences of an ankle sprain. If not treated properly or if misdiagnosed, an ankle sprain may cause the patient to lose mobility. Worse still, it may lead to disability or chronic ankle pain and increased the chance of developing arthritis. The main concern with ankle sprains is that they are likely to reoccur.

Anatomy of the ankle

The ankle is a joint comprised of three bones. Where the lower ends of the shinbone (tibia) and the fibula meet, a socket is formed wherein the talus (ankle bone) sits. The calcaneus, or heel bone, supports the bottom of the talus. There is a lining of soft cartilage in the joint. This inch-thick lining provides shock absorption for carrying bodyweight. Also, it is tough and durable and made to last for a lifetime, provided there is no injury. Ligaments hold the bones together and tendons attach the muscles to the bones. In the event of an injury, the bones, muscles, tendons or ligaments may be impacted.

Chiropractic care for an ankle sprain

Any point in the human body where two bones meet is known as a joint. Injury or a sudden jerk may push a joint out of alignment; the ankle is a fairly simple joint and may get misaligned for many reasons. Misalignment in the ankle can cause a loss in its range of motion. Also, because the ankle has lots of nerves in it, misalignment may lead to poor nerve communication to the brain. This will result in a weak and unstable ankle which is prone to another ankle sprain. A sprained ankle may need to be adjusted for the pain to go away and for the prevention of its reoccurrence.

Chiropractors, besides focusing on the spine, are also trained in adjusting the arms and legs. Chiropractic adjustment of the ankle and feet is known to work quite well for conditions like ankle sprains. During chiropractic adjustment of your ankle or foot, a chiropractor will push or pull your ankle and foot bones back into their proper position. The effect it will have on your ankle and foot is an increase in their range of motion and strength. This will help prevent another ankle sprain.

Visit Botti Chiropractic & Wellness for chiropractic adjustment of a sprained ankle

Botti Chiropractic & Wellness is one of the most renowned chiropractic offices in Oak Lawn, IL. Dr. Valentino Botti possesses extensive experience dealing with foot and ankle problems. Dr. Botti uses a combination of chiropractic adjustment and therapies which helps successfully restore ankle function, besides increasing the range of motion and relieving pain. Ankle sprain patients respond swiftly to the chiropractic adjustments carried out by Dr. Botti. If you or someone you know has had a sprained ankle, schedule an appointment with Dr. Valentino Botti so that he may create a course of treatment for you.