The Importance of Scoliosis Correction in Children and Adults

By: Dr. Valentino R. Botti, Frankfort IL Chiropractor

Whether you’re young or old, abnormal spinal curvature‘s are not healthy and not attractive. Beyond the physical aspects though, newer research is showing that the implications of abnormal spinal curvature’s are just now being recognized for their contributions to other significant health problems. Most of the research being conducted shows that asymptomatic spinal issues can still cause neurological problems. These problems may be more than just peripheral joint pain or neuropathy. The central nervous system innervates and supplies sensory and motor input to every cell in our body. The systemic affects of an unhealthy spine can be profound and are often ignored as a main culprit when we consider causation in many of our health conditions. Chiropractors have been talking about the effects of the central nervous system on the body for hundreds of years.

Going back to scoliosis however the issue is that unstable spinal structures can cause chronic inflammation and nerve root irritation and will affect whatever region of the body that nerve root is responsible for. And regardless if there is pain or not we are well aware that chronic inflammation is a significant culprit in disease. When the spinal curvature‘s are not addressed one can just assume that chronic disease will manifest. If you see a child or an adult for that matter poor posture or abnormal posture it is critical that this person or child is given the right type of care to correct these abnormalities so that they can Limit their exposure to unnecessary health issues, Minimize the risk associated with injury during activities of daily living, and provide a structural framework that allows them to live life without the worry of significant pain.

Botti chiropractic and wellness is proud to be your resource for the quick and effective resolution and stabilization of scoliosis in both children and adults, and the effective stabilization of spinal structures, as well as the mitigation of the effects of scoliosis that have taken place on the body.  Mitigation is especially important because undoing the effects that the scoliosis head on the body after resolution of the scoliosis is almost as important as the correction itself.

Botti Chiropractic and Wellness welcomes the families of the Frankfort and surrounding suburbs as well as the children of the Lincoln Way and Hickory school systems, and looks forward to serving as their resource for better health at a time when health should be our number one priority.