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Back Pain: What Causes Backaches? | Botti Chiropractic, Oak Lawn IL

Back Pain: What Causes Backaches?

If you have ever suffered from backaches and pain, or you are currently experiencing back pain, then you know how painful and debilitating it can be. We, at Botti Chiropractic and Wellness, like to think of your back as the pillar for which your body stands. Your back is one of the most important, sensitive, and strong areas of the body. When treated right and stretched properly, your back can cause you to stand tall and proud.

When sitting for too long, not stretching enough, or simply causing pain to your back, it can cause you to hunch over and decrease your livelihood. Therefore, we recommend treatment right away for our back pain Oak Lawn patients. With that, let’s talk a bit about what causes backaches and the back pain symptoms you may experience.

What causes backaches?

We know that a backache can be extremely painful, and often times, it can lead to the inability to move properly, stretch, or even walk. Therefore, it is important to acknowledge what causes backaches. If you are currently suffering from back pain symptoms, then maybe it is because of the following reasons.

  • Sitting Too Long

Who can agree with this? If you work from home or out of an office and you sit for too long, then you already know that much of your back pain and aches are due to that. In fact, sitting for too long causes incredible stress on your lower back, essentially weighing down your spine. Did you know that over 70% of people sit for more than six hours a day? This sedentary lifestyle can be rapidly aging your body and deteriorating your posture and spine.

  • Heavy Workouts / Wrong Moves

It is important to acknowledge and know the difference between a heavy work out and a wrong move that may have caused back pain. The body natural feels sore after a heavy workout due to the release of acid in the tissue. However, a wrong move or muscle strain can severely cause back pain, muscle back pain, and even muscle spasms in the back.

  • Spine Related Problems

This is a more severe symptom of back pain! If you have spine related problems such as a herniated disc or injured nerves, then it is crucial to contact a professional and begin treatment right away. Many spine related problems happen over time, with the individual not being aware that his or her actions and habits are causing problems in the back and spine.

  • Accidents and Injuries

If you suffer from back pain or backaches, then it may be due to an accident or injury. We at Botti Chiropractic, your Back Pain Oak Lawn professional, specialize in assisting individuals that suffered a car accident, work-related accident, and even sports injuries. The first step is identifying when the accident happened, what caused it, and then we can focus on the solution.

  • No Exercises / No Daily Movement

If you are suffering from back pain and aches and have not been injured or sit for long periods at a time, then you may not be exercising or stretching enough. Think of it this way, when an individual sleeps for eight hours in a day, their body is completely stiff and not stretching. This is where daily movement and exercise is crucial to ensure that your body has enough oxygen flow and blood flow.

Other causes of back pain and aches can be being overweight, wearing uncomfortable and nonsupportive shoes, deterioration of your muscle tissue, arthritis, and many others.

The Solution To Back Pain and Aches

As we have said before, our primary goal is to get to know your pain, where it is located, and why it is happening. From there, our solution is to ensure that you walk out of our office feeling less pain than when you walked in. We then create a customized plan according to what Dr. Botti finds and we share your chiropractic treatment plan with you.

With that, one of the key solutions to back pain and aches is a chiropractor that knows exactly where to target the cause of the back pain and remove it. The symptom is coming from somewhere, and we want to find out where that is.

Back Pain Oak Lawn

If you have lost hope for any back-pain relief and have never contacted a chiropractor, then we are eager to bring you good news. There is hope! As your Back Pain Oak Lawn specialists, Botti Chiropractic wants to bring you relief. However, it all starts with your phone call. It is time to remove your back pain and aches through an all-natural method that is hands-on and centered around you. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation. We want to hear from you!